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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 25, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tering lights could be on soon. let's go back to the desk. topping our news is ore night news car involved in a high speed chase through alameda county might be connected to a shooting in hay ward. our cameras caught the chase on 880 late last night. people in the cars were throwing things out ton to the freeway but never found those things. when the car continued on 580 it lost control. spun out minutes later and officers did find weapons inside the car. three people in the car were taken into custody. they may be involved in a shooting. >> there was an earlier incident that involved a shooting from a vehicle. right now we are determining if that vehicle was involved in that. >> ktvu covered that shooting as well. police say a drive by shooting yesterday afternoon sent an innocent bystander to the hospital. the victim was reportedly driving with his wife and child when he was hit. now he is expected to survive.
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ktvu tara moriarty gathering more details on the story. she will join us in a little bit. time is 6:02. new this morning police in south san francisco out there searching for a serial arsonist. three fires were deliberately set saturday night and sunday morning. the fires were all quickly put out. they caused very little damage. if you have information on this, get in contact with san francisco police. the coast guard meantime has called off the search for a man who disappeared while playing in the surf near half- moon bay. coast guard helicopters spent several hours yesterday looking for carlos lopez. he is 22 years old. he had been playing soccer with friends when he vanished into the rough ocean waters. >> pretty strong current. it was a dead low tide so all the rips which were every 200 to 300 yards were sucking pretty hard. >> ktvu news checked in with the coast guard early this
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morning. right now there are no plans to resume the search unless there is a major new development. this week the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on two same sex marriage cases including proposition 8 california's ban on same sex marriage. they are holding a rally and march starting at 6:30 this evening at castro and market streets. in washington, d.c. people have been camped out in front of the supreme court building since thursday. they are lined up in hopes of getting one of the 250 seats set aside for the public. tomorrow the justices will hear arguments on proposition # and wednesday the federal defensive marriage act across the country emotions are strong on both sides of the issue. >> there is not any place in the constitution that allows for a different set of rules for a different class of people. >> i don't think the justices a majority of the justices are going to want to launch another culture war and are going to respect the right of voters to decide their future to decide
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something is simple is that it takes a man and woman to make a marriage. >> the supreme court is not expected to issue a ruling on the same sex marriage cases until june. brian flores will be in our newsroom with the bay area couple at the heart of the prop 8 legal challenge. time now 6:05. tomorrow the san jose city council will approve a $7 million incentive package for samsung semi conductor. the deal was outlined in a signing ceremony with city hall governor jerry brown, mayor chuck reed, and samsung electronic executive. it includes tax breaks and equipment reimbursements. the city of austin, texas offered similar incentives trying to get samsung to move there. the long awaited devil's slide towns could open as early as today. alex savidge is joining us live in pacifica where the ceremony will be hold in a few hours.
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alex. >> reporter: after eight years of drilling and digging and building, finally later on today crews are set to unvail these two new tunnels. this is the highway 1 bypass heres at the devil's slide. these tunnels brand new. take a look at them. live this morning. they are just shy of a mile long and they will create a safe and problem free way for people to get between pacifica and the half-moon bay area. this is a $400 million project that features to bores through the mountain. the tunnel allows drivers to avoid a section of highway 1 that has been plagued over the years by mud slides and rock slides. in many cases those slides have closed the two lane road for months at a time. stranding people that live south of here. devil's slide has been the sight of deadly accidents. on coming cars have run into each other. some drivers have gone over the cliffs as well. a short time ago the cal tran
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spokesperson talked about why this project is so important. >> this one is significant. the people have waited for this for years. they rely on highway 1 for commerce for commuting, for the quality of life. and over the years highway 1 this stretch of highway 1 has been plagued by mud slides, rock slides, slip outs and every time it has had to close, the local economies are devastated. >> reporter: so cal tran will be hold colding a ribbon cutting ceremony. the official unvailing at 11:00 this morning here at the two tunnels. it will feature lawmakers that hope to push this project along over the years. by the way it's important to point out this is not an event that is open to the public. then what will happen is after that ribbon cutting ceremony there will be last minute road reconfiguration work that crews will have to do. and later on today possibly first thing tomorrow morning the two tunnels will be open to the public to drive through. live this morning near pacifica alex savidge.
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>> 6:07. sal, you know we all have met kathy one of our regular tweeters. >> she is going to be very excited. she is going to report to us and let us know. >> i would be excited too. because you know it will be a lot safer to drive through there. especially in the wintertime. let's take a look we've been watching highway 101 this morning and highway 1 and highway 280 the whole thing. it is moving along very nicely if you are driving at the toll plaza we already have a backup. they switched the metering lights on just a few moments ago that means all the lanes will be filled this. nothing unusual. it is backed up all the way out to the 880 over crossing. that is a ten to 15 minute delay. no problems on the bridge by the way if you are driving into the city. let's check out another commute and take a look at 880 north and southbound. there was a minor accident northbound 880 at oak street. turned out to be nothing major and it's not effecting traffic as you drive all the way up to
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downtown. if you are driving on the peninsula 101 and 280 look good. southbound 101 to palo alto still looking good. giving way of that slow traffic. but nothing major, yet. 6:'09 let's go -- 6:09 let's go to steve. clouds streaming in. majority of it is going to the north. patchy low clouds and on shore breeze and higher clouds mean a little bit cooler day today. temperatures yesterday with lots of sunshine coming down about two to four degrees today with that westerly breeze and a lot of the higher clouds it does look like a cooler week ahead. san francisco yesterday 60. average this time of year 62. patchy clouds chilly to mild. high clouds. a west wind in place. 40s for some. 30s for others. novato 37. napa at 39. 46 san jose. 50 right at oakland and also at hayward. but that west wind for most locations west, west southwest fairfield 16 miles an hour.
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oakland sfo west at 7. 27 now in tahoe. 33 eureka. 30s, 40s, and 50s down in southern california. springfield, illinois 18 inches of snow. greatest amount ever for a calendar day. you tell those folks it's spring they are still digging out. as long as that pattern remaps locked in to the east, i don't see much changing. there is signs or hints of a system coming in by the weekend but i don't know. i'm not going to hang my hat on it. mostly sunny. higher clouds. 72 clearlake. a lot of 60s. temperatures coming down coast and bay. 50s and 60s. low 70s antioch and pittsburgh 72. gilroy yesterday was 77. wood side is in there. san bruno at 60. a lot of high and mid level clouds. then things get a little
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interesting toward the end of the week. cloud it up supposedly. we'll see if it makes it. back to our top story now ktvu news was there as police chased a car from hayward to oakland at high speed. now we're learning the people inside that car may be tied to other crimes. ktvu tara moriarty has been following the story since 4:30 this morning gathering more information. tara. >> reporter: we have spoken to the gas station manager here. he says that his cameras were simply too far away from the actual drive by shooting to capture what happened. if we pan over to the left you can see this is the intersection we're talking about. police believe the suspect responsible for this shooting may have led them on a wild chase that lasted through three east bay cities. our cameras caught a high speed chase north on 880 through oakland late last night. police tried to pull the driver over in hayward just after 11:00 for a dui and reckless driving.
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officers chased the car through san leandro and into oakland where it ended up spinning out of control. chp also assisted and officers took three people into custody. >> officers during the pursuit saw the occupant of the vehicle throwing objects outside on the freeway. we did a traffic break on the freeway but did not locate anything on the freeway. >> reporter: officers say they did find weapons inside the vehicle. and police believe that those three people who were apprehended could be tied to is a drive-by shooting early yesterday afternoon. a man was driving with his wife and child when he was struck by a bullet and taken to the hospital. police say he was an innocent bystander. he is expected to survive. we want to mention that a hayward police officer tweeted last night that they took three people into custody after a vehicle pursuit into oakland of a car used in a san jose armed robbery and shooting. so we're waiting to hear from
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san jose police in order to get confirmation. live from hayward i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:13. when it comes to feeding new babies are you sure you're doing the right thing? there is a new report says switching to solid food too early can cause problems. a federal watchdog group says bioterrorism labs around the country including in california are putting their employees and the public at risk. i'll explain in a live report in less than three minutes.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning britain's prince harry will visit the united states in may. this time he's going to skip las vegas. you might remember during his last trip he made headlines when he was caught walking around naked after a game of strip billiards apparently. the prince will be in the u.s. from may 9th until the 15th. one of the scheduled stops includes a visit to new jersey to tour the damage from super storm sandy. no stops have been announced for california. also new information a palestinian official says the u.s. is hoping to bring jordan and egypt to start israel palestinian negotiations into coming weeks. efforts to start the process comes after president obama visited the northeast. israel says it's ready for talks. israel must freeze settlement building on lands captured in
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1967 before it will hold any talks. there is a new report just out today that says bioterrorism labs around the country are not secure and the american people are at risk ktvu kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom. kyla. >> reporter: the government accountability office released this report just minutes ago saying some of the nation's 350 bioterrorism labs which includes labs in california are not secure. the government accountability office found two main failures that says anthrax and other tools have been transferred to unauthorized facilities and say workers at multiple labs have expired security risk assessment ifsen the department of agricultural and centers for disease control are in charge of inspecting these labs. the usda has shot down many of the recommendations from the government accountability
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office. it says it over exaggerated risks at the labs and the cdc says it has redundant safety and security at these labs. i'll continue digging through this report again released minutes ago to see if it tinkles out any of these bioterrorism labs in california. time now 6:18. lawmakers may be closer to pass a new online sales tax. the senate approved a noon binding amendment that would alieu states to collect sales tax. the vet was mostly symbolic. amazon customers here in california already pay sales tax. a new survey finds most babies are fed solid food too soon. 93% of mothers surveyed by the cdc say they give their babies
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solid food before the age of six months. time now 6:19. police all over california will be cracking down on drivers using hand held cell phones all next month. they wrote more than 425,000 tickets for people caught talking on hand held devices last year. they also issued another 21,000 tickets for texting while driving. law enforcement officers say they are the most worried about people texting and driving because you take your eyes off the road for longer periods of time. >> yes, you do. 6:19 is the time. crash in san jose. how does that look? >> it's moving to the shoulder, pam and dave. northbound 101 at allen rock. it was in the lanes for a bit. it's moving to the shoulder. we don't need anything at all
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on 101. northbound 101 coming up from capital expressway. if you want to be ultra safe you can use 85 and 880. i don't think there will be a major deal. there are no injuries reported in this crash. 101 looking pretty good. and across the bay the traffic time between 238 and mowry is 13 minutes. that is probably the best you will do. it will start to get filled in. right now it does look good. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay. the metering lights went on 20 minutes ago. speaking of the city northbound and southbound 101 looking good. at 6:20 let's go to steve. combination of low and high clouds and a westerly breeze. a little cooler pattern today after a lot of sunshine on the weekend. weak system falling apart. it is dragging across a lot of high and mid level clouds.
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a couple 30s and 50s. san francisco normal high this time of year 62. there is too much in the way of cloud cover in that westerly breeze. noon we will go 59 for a high. the low is not doing much. it's mainly tracking to the north but it will increase a lot of high and mid level clouds. partly sunny and cloudy. 50s and 60s and 70s. on the extended outlook it looks cooler ahead. stronger system approaches toward the weekend. >> trouble at the met. why new york's world famous museum is accused of deeing art lovers. brighter summer ahead for city colleges.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news 6:24 is the time. two sacramento men are facing charges on suspicion of forcing two women into prostitution in santa rosa. police say 23-year-old glen harris brought the women to santa rosa and 25-year-old jerome martin is accused of helping him do it. police started investigating the men after responding to a
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domestic violence call. they organized the sting operation at a local hotel using information that one of the women posted on the internet. police have arrested a woman in connection with a hit and run that killed a bicyclist in oakland over the weekend. officers found the victim on parolta street around 10:20 saturday night. the driver returned to the scene a few hours later and was taken into custody. investigators have not told us the names of either the victim or driver. time now 6:25. despite recent cut backs the concerns about accreditation city college of san francisco is planning to double its classing. more than 989 classes will be offered. the extra classes are being paid for by money from proposition 30. enrollment management was one of the area of criticism the city college received. a final decision on the
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school's accreditation could come in june. oakland american indian model schools plan to appeal to the county and the state board of education for a new charter. last wednesday the oakland unified school district voted do close the three high performing charter schools. the vote came after evidence surfaced that the school's founder funneled millions of dollars in school spending to businesses that he owns. new york metropolitan museum of art is at in a lawsuit. they pointed to the museum's sign with a posted $25 adult admission the word recommend the is in much smaller type. the met says the policy on asking visitors for a donation has been in place for more than 40 years. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. >> we are looking at some of the commutes especially the one
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in the valley. northbound 280. northbound 101. traffic is okay even though we have that crash i talked about last time on 101. it's not causing a major problem yet and hopefully it won't. on the sunol grade the same thing goes. 680 southbound that traffic is moving along pretty well. let's go to steve. well we have a lot of high clouds over us. it will be a little cooler today. 50s and 60s held on to a couple low 70. >> thank you, steve. coming up next a high speed chase and crash lands three people in police custody. the major crime police say could be connected to this. california's proposition 8 finally gets its day in court. the bay area couple at the center of the legal challenge. an important event in a euro zone is helping take stocks up around the world.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i want to tell you who is ringing the opening bell there on the nasdaq. it is one million strong fighting colon rectal cancer. it's one of the leading national advocacy organizations bringing attention to that. trying to make changes and raise awareness. they are visiting the nasdaq this morning. and happy to say it looks like a great day for the stock markets thanks to what happened in the euro zone and cyprus. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning nows. it's monday morning. >> i know. >> it's march 25th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. >> a lot to tell you about this morning. in over united states news police in oakland investigating whether three police arrested in a high speed chase may have
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been responsible for a drive by shooting. tara moriarty has been on this since 4:30 this morning. you have video from the chase from the crash and shooting they are investigating. >> reporter: that is right. we have new information hayward police sent out a tweet last night that said they believed that the people that were arrested last night were tied to an armed robbery and shooting in san jose. this is the intersection in hayward where authorities say the suspects may also be responsible for that drive by shooting. if we take a look at video we shot here. high speed cameras. police tried to pull the driver over in hayward just after 11:00 for a dui and reckless driving. but he sped away. officers chased the car through san leandro and on through oakland where it ended up spinning out of control on 580 between harrison and park. chp also assisted. officers took three people into
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custody. officers say the three were throwing objects out over the chase. they did find weapons inside the car. >> there was an earlier incident that involved a shooting before the vehicle. >> that shooting -- >> reporter: that shooting happened yesterday afternoon. a man was driving with his wife and child when he was struck by a bullet. he was rushed to the hospital and expected to survive. we have put a call into police to try to gather more information about that armed robbery and shooting in san jose. we'll of course let you know when we're able to find more information. live from hayward i'm tara moriarty. it happened around midnight on marina way and metro walkway. the victim in his late teens
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was found in the street. he was later air lifted to the hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests have been and the -- arrests have been made and the investigation continues. starting today or tomorrow that is the supreme court will begin to hear arguments on two cases including proposition 8 california's ban on same sex marriage. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores is in our newsroom with a local couple right in the middle of this debate. brian. >> reporter: after years of being deny the right to marry say it's now time to overturn proposition 8. we recently talked to them. they are the plaintiffs in the debate over prop 8 california's ban on gay marriage. on tuesday the supreme court will hear the ruling. the couple has been together for 13 years and raised four boys and say they hope a ruling in their favor gives them the
6:32 am
same benefits as heterosexual couples. >> family is an important struggle. there has been sacrifice and at the same time it has -- it's a huge honor. >> they say they will travel to washington, d.c. to hear the oral arguments in the courtroom. meantime supporters of proposition 8 say they don't believe that justices will overturn the people's majority vote in california. that banned gay marriage back in 2008. >> i don't think the justices a majority of the justices are going to want to launch another culture war and are going to respect the right of voters to decide their future to decide something as simple as it takes a man and woman to make a marriage. >> here's a break down on what may happen during the next few days. the court strikes down prop 8 as constitutional rights. same sex marriage would become legal nation-wide. or the court could support same sex marriage. a third option the court could find that the supporters of prop 8 lack standing. the right to be heard on the
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matter. some legal experts think the lower court rulings if that were the case would stand. there are several rallies planned here in the bay area as well as washington, d.c.. in fact there is one scheduled for 6:30 this evening on castro and market streets while in d.c. people have lined up outside the supreme court since thursday. in the newsroom brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us here at ktvu channel 2 news for continuing coverage. david stevenson is going to be at the supreme court for tuesday's oral arguments and he'll have live reports throughout the day. then join us for ktvu news special at 6:30 in the evening when we go in-depth on the prop 8 case. we'll break down the arguments and gauge reaction from washington, d.c. all the way here to the bay area. happening right now secretary of state john kerry has arrived in afghanistan on an unannounced visit. kerry is meeting with afghan president hamid karzai amid
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concerns karzai may be jeopardizing process. kerry's visit comes as the u.s. handed control of the par 1 detention center today to afghan forces. the transfer ceremony was originally scheduled to take place two weeks ago during chuck hagel's first visit to afghanistan as defense secretary. but negotiations broke down over whether the u.s. would have the power to block the release of some detainees. an agreement reached over the weekend gives the u.s. the power to veto the release of prisoners. time now 6:36. the death 06 of a soldier from -- the death of a soldier from hayward is being mourned by his family and friends. he died thursday in germany after being wounded in afghanistan. he was a graduate of mt. eden high school. earned an associate degree from the art institute of san francisco. he survived by his wife, participants -- parents and sister. the parents of contra costa county marine killed in a
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murder-suicide will be flying to washington, d.c. this week to bring the body of their daughter home. officials say sergeantest bee owe lopez shot and killed sarah castromata. that shooting may have stemmed from a romantic triangle. the wait is almost over. the new devil slides tunnels could open as early as today. alex savidge is out there in pacifica this morning where a ceremony is being held in a few hours. alex that tunnel looks beautiful. >> reporter: this has been a long time coming for people who live in this area. later on cal tran will be celebrating the opening of these two brand new tunnels. this is the highway 1 bypass at the notorious devil's slide. the tunnels are just shy of a
6:36 am
mile long and they cost a little more than $400 million to build. crews have been working on this project for the past eight years. the tunnels will create a safe and problem free way for people to get between pacifica and the half-moon bay area. the tunnels also allow drivers to avoid that section of highway 1 that has been plagued over the years by both mud slides and rock slides. in many cases the rocks have come tumbling down and forced the closure of the two lane highway for months at a time. it's often been very frustrating situation for people in coastal communities. >> every time it's had to close the local economies have been devastated. so this tunnel is a solution to a long-term problem they have been seeking. >> reporter: the devil's slide area as been the sight of deadly accidents over the years. some drivers have gone over the cliff at certain times or gone into on coming traffic and there have been horrific
6:37 am
crashes. later on this morning cal tran will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony. that will be at 11:00 this morning. it will feature local lawmakers that hope to push this project along. also in attendance will be the widow of late congressman tom. these tunnels are named in his honor. it's important to point out ribbon cutting event is not open to the public. crews still have last minute road configuration work to do. they will do that after that event later on and cal tran is hoping to have the two tunnels open to the public possibly later on tonight but it could be tomorrow morning. we'll have to wait and see. live in pacifica alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. today crews are getting ready for the big electronic toll switch at the golden gate bridge. crews will hang an electronic sign at the toll plaza today. early wednesday morning that sign will be turned on and drivers will no longer stop. during the first days of all electronic tolls, there will be bridge employees standing near the toll booths to wave the traffic through. >> it's a big adjustment
6:38 am
though. time now 6:39. sal, you are watching contra costa county aren't you? >> we are. and we are lookings at the traffic getting busier. for example you can see traffic slowing down. interstate 680 nearby is getting busy. all the way down to the walnut creek interchange. it's not a solid line of traffic. you will see slow spots. bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. not all that bad. it is moving a little bit slowly. it looks like there is a stalled vehicle right in the middle of all of that. that is going to make it far little bit worse at the bay bridge. people having to go around it. someone is having a bad monday morning. let's move along and take a look at the compute from livermore to castro valley. you can see traffic here is going to be moving along a little bit slowly from grant line to 680 that travel time is up to 30 minutes or so now. at 6:40 let's go back to steve.
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>> a stronger push on the low cloud deck. foggy and chilly. a portly sunny, partly cloudy day it will be cooler. combination of the clouds. it is definitely ramped up the on shore breeze or that westerly wind. it looks like a cooler week ahead. san francisco should be 62 degrees on the high side this time of year. checking in at 59 degrees today. starting off 46. we'll go 54 degrees. over all a lot of high and mid level clouds. temperatures held in check here. 30s and 40s and 50s. napa 39. novato 39. there is a more component of an on shore breeze. 27 tahoe. 37 up in ukiah. 33 eureka. 50s down in southern california. big system continues to churn in the great lakes.
6:40 am
it left the rockies with a lot of snow. st. louis yesterday had over a foot of snow. that is the record for march. springfield, illinois had 18 inches of snow. everything is locked into the east coast which means we get very weak systems here. the whole pattern needs to break down before anything can happen here significant wise. mostly sunny for rain. high clouds. 70s for some inland. 50s and 60s close to the coast and bay. a little cooler with that west, southwest breeze in place. a pretty big difference between some of the coastal temps. not great or anything. you will find a few low 70s. a lot of 60s. mid to upper 50s. partly cloudy. mostly sunny as we go into wednesday and another stronger system approaches. we'll see if it comes over us or slides into southern california. 6:42 is the time right now. a historic financial decision for stockton possibly coming today. the reason some say the city
6:41 am
does not deserve the right to file for bankruptcy. we're live in san jose where police are searching for a man they say brutally stabbed and killed his exgirlfriend. we have just spoken to the victim's family. we'll tell you what they have to say and the latest on the police investigation.
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a lot of high and mid level clouds. it will be cooler today. 50nd and 60s. partly sunny skies. a few low 70s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:46. police in hayward arrested three people over night after this high speed chase into oakland. the driver was wanted for reckless driving. police say the three may be involved in a drive by shooting yesterday afternoon that anywhered an innocent bystanders. the coast guard culled off a search for a man who disappeared while playing in the surf near half-moon bay. 22-year-old carlos javier lopez was playing soccer with friends when he vanished into the rough ocean waters yesterday. new devil's slide tunnels could open up as early as today. the tunnels are between pacifica and hoof man bay. it took about seven years to complete. there will be a ribbon cutting
6:45 am
ceremony in just a couple of hours. police in san jose continue to investigate is a deadly daytime stabbing. the victim is a 29-year-old woman. ktvu janine de la vega just spoke with the victim's family on the phone. janine. >> reporter: pam, that is right. i spoke with the victim's father he is very distraught. he says his daughter leaves behind a nine-year-old son. and i just want to show you this memorial that is right out here in the apartment complex where she lived and where she was killed. the family wants her killer caught. police say it's her exboyfriend that confronted her here and stabbed her to death. here's a picture of the suspect 25-year-old juan ramirez of san jose. there is a state-wide search for him. police believe he may be headed to mexico. detectives say that he brutally stabbed and killed 29-year-old sandra on friday afternoon. police say there were multiple
6:46 am
witnesses in the area because it happened next door to the togos on north first street. that is very close to the sheriffs department and courthouse. there was an intense man hunt for ramirez on friday. gonzalez had an active restraining order out on ramirez. she ended a romantic relationship with her two years ago. police say ramirez may be driving a dark green 1996 toyota pickup truck seen right here. he may be headed south to mexico and police say if you know of his whereabouts or any information to call them or you can leave an anonymous tip at 947-stop. we have left a message with police. we are hoping to get an update on their investigation. but again the family i spoke to on the phone say they are completely troubled. they really want the public's help in trying to catch juan ramirez. they say he stocked her for the past couple of years and we're
6:47 am
efforting to get more with the family coming up. reporting live janine de la vega. today the city of stockton is taking its bankruptcy case to federal court. if the court finds the city has done everything possible to pay its debts stockton will become the largest city in the country to go bankrupt. creditors says city has not done enough to cut spending. time now 6:49. let's get everybody out the door, sal. what are you following? >> we're following the traffic that looks good from our live camera here. trying to get into the city. it will be looking pretty good as you drive through. there are no major problems getting into the silicon valley as you can see for yourself. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. san mateo if you are driving up to the coast or down 101 it looks good here. let's quickly move along and take a look at the livermore valley commute. it's slow from castro valley.
6:48 am
and this morning at the bay bridge it is backed up for about a 20 minute delay get into the city. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a combination of low clouds and high clouds meant a cooler day today. we'll see the low clouds peel back but there is a system coming in. you can see a lot of these higher clouds. any rain will be confined to the north. that is where the dynamics are. 30s and 40s and 50s on the lows. a little chill up in the napa airport. the low clouds are responsible for a lot of that if you have mostly clear skies. higher clouds will still be with us most of the day. part lionny and part -- partly sunny and partly cloudy. it does look look like a cooler week ahead. 60s for most. a couple of very low 70s and upper 50s near the coast. and also in san francisco but the extended outlook kind of a mixed bag here. sun and clouds taking us to thursday. we'll cloud it up. right now we will go cloudy to
6:49 am
mostly cloudy. new study shows teenagers more focused on having the very latest tech devices than a car. the university of michigan researchers say 30 years ago nearly half of all 16-year-olds had a driver's license. that is now dropped to 28%. the researchers say driving once have helped teenagers connect. that can also mean they never form an emotional attachment that could lead to car buying. bay area drivers are spending a little less on gas these days. the price has slipped about a nickel. the price in the north bay, south bay and east bay just about $4.03 a gallon. the connection between jobs and guns. how the debate over gun control is creating new jobs. newspaper readers may not be able to read some of their
6:50 am
favorite columns anymore unless they are willing to buy a subscription.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. stocks around the world up on this deal with cyprus over its financial problems, bankruptcy issues, bailouts. live look at the big board dow jones up 43 points.
6:53 am
the s & p 500 is up to its record. to 15,054. a popular nightclub near at & t park will stay closed a least until tomorrow night after a weekend shooting. it happened early saturday morning at the 330 rich nightclub. three men were shot after an argument inside the club. one victim was listed in critical condition but has been upgraded to stable. two other victims suffered minor injuries. the search for suspects continues. a new memorial has been unvailed to honor those killed in the san bruno pipeline explosion. it's a mosaic wall at the bethny presbyterian church. the community worked together for months creating this wall. it's made out of sir rammic tile and honored the eight people who were killed in that 2010 explosion including three members of that church. 38 homes were destroyed.
6:54 am
sheriffs deputies in san mateo county warning residents about a rise in door knock robbery. thieves knock on the front door and if someone answers the burglars then ask for directions or for some random name if no one answers then the burglars break in. now they are advising you to call 911 if you see a stranger coming to your door acting suspicious. high demand for guns and ammunition is creating a jobs. weapons maker say they are scrambling to hire workers as sales of guns rise and talks of stricter gun laws. many of the new positions are temporary contract jobs since employers don't know how long the surge in demand will last. the gun industry by the way employs about 240,000 people nation-wide. people who live in the tenderloin neighborhood plan to hold a meeting tonight. they have asked the commission to approve a pilot program that
6:55 am
would allow officers trained in crisis intervention to carry tasers and stun guns. but they say tasers can cause serious injuries or even death. the san francisco chronicle now has two websites after launching a pay to view site for some of its most valued features. more in-depth stories and a lot more photos are available. the paper has been looking for ways to earn money on the most valuable products. will have breaking news, sports, weather, and features like the day in pictures that will be for free. but papers having to scramble. compete with online. we will scramble over to sal. you're watching the toll plaza. >> we are. it's backed up for a 25 minute delay. nothing too severe but it's pretty typical once you make it on to the bridge it's good. there is still that stalled car
6:56 am
down there. right there at the bottom of your screen. it doesn't seem to be getting any help. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. westbound toll plaza traffic is moving well. let's go to steve. thank you. a little cooler today. partly sunny partly cloudy skies. mainly 50s and 60s. coming up next on mornings on 2 a high speed chase in the east bay over night. how that chase may be tied to gunfire. many years of waiting finally over for you drivers in pacifica.
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> reporter: we're live in hayward where police are led through three east bay cities after a wild chase. we'll tell you what other crimes the suspects may be linked to. the big week has arrived for the nation's highest court, the supreme court. they take up two gay marriage cases including one from california. a good kid, you know. he hard working. >> heartbroken people hoping for the best for a missing man in the bay. and opening ceremonies are today for the devil's slide
6:59 am
tunnel. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, march 25th. a car involved in a high-speed chase may also be tied to an armed robbery and two shootings. tara moriarty is live in hayward at the scene of one of those crimes. with details on the chase also and possible gun connections. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. this is where police say an innocent bystander could have been killed. he's doing okay. the police believe the suspects could have been linked to an armed robbery in san jose. here's the intersection where the drive-by shooting happened and police were led on a wild chase through three east bay cities late last night. our cameras caught the